Report: Worlds’ End Hero Qualifier

Worlds’ End Gathering took its first shot at an official Hearthstone tournament and thus the Worlds’ End Hero Qualifier was born.
The winner of this Tavern Hero Qualifier gets an invitation to our region’s seasonal Challenger Finals!

No less than 22 people registered for the event, including three people of Sector 1 who have consistently been some of Belgium’s best players.

In the end Sjoesie obliterated the competition with just a single game loss in the whole tournament. He is Champion of the Gathering for this month and will go to the seasonal Challenger Finals!
Thoraya took second place, BabyBear third and Kleenex closed the top 4.

We wish Sjoesie all the best in the international tournaments to come, make us proud!

Cya at the next gathering!

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